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Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO

What started as a study to explore how to better utilise Kainuu’s annual growth in fibre wood has matured into a serious industrial project. As part of the process, many sites for the KaiCell mill were explored before we decided on Paltamo.

The site is large enough to accommodate future expansion as well as the partner businesses we are confident will be attracted by what KaiCell’s offers as host enterprise.

There is a great advantage in building a pulp mill in the middle of a forested region - the sourcing area is circular and therefore requires shorter average distance the wood must travel. Logistics is a major factor in wood cost, and our ProxiWood approach minimises the total cost of our principal raw material while keeping harmful emissions down as well.

The KaiCell team is working hard to put together a complete package for the venture, including a sound business plan, a viable mill design and all relevant permits. We are getting close to the point where we expect to broaden the ownership to include shareholders strong enough to secure financing for the mill to be built.

At the moment we are awaiting a positive outcome of our operating permits applications, while we pursue the final ownership structure.

Hannu Heikkinen
CEO, KaiCell Fibers Oy/Ltd