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Biorefinery project

Biorefinery project

KaiCell Fibers in brief


KaiCell Fibers’ biorefinery investment is about 900 million euros.


The company's goal is to produce 600 000 tonnes of chemical pulp per year, which is sold to growing global demand of bio-products. Applications varieties from existing markets like paper, tissue and cardboard industry to growing demand of evolving bio-product applications.

The company is also seeking for opportunity to process part of the chemical pulp on-site to textile fiber materials.

The company sells part of by-products to partners who develop bioproducts at the Paltamo mill site in the upcoming BioFutureFactory™.

Project schedule

The goal is that

  • 2020 Investment decision to be made
  • 2023 Factory to be in use

Kaicell Fibers Paltamo mill site

Bioproducts from local fiber

The vast amount of forest resources in Kainuu provide a wide range of opportunities for further processing of bioproducts. Bio-products can be used to replace non-renewable natural resources in the world where the population is growing, the climate is warming and consumption limits are coming.

Sustainably grown wood should be further processed locally as long as possible. This is the basis of our biorefinery. Sustainable use and good management of forests will also ensure the annual growth of forests in Kainuu in the future.

Our biorefinery manufactures pulp and, on its basis, seels for other highly refined products such as Arbron™ for textile raw material. We also seek new partners to develop more innovations.