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BioFutureFactory™ is a technology village based on biorefineries, where partners of Kaicell can develop highly refined products from the side streams such as tree bark and sugary substances. BioFutureFactory™ promotes the know-how of bio-economics and strengthens Finnish innovation activities that create added value to the domestic raw materials.

Our biorefinery thus contributes to the Finnish strategy for bio-economics which aims to increase the output of Finnish bio-economy from the current 60 billion to 100 billion euros and create 100 000 new jobs by 2025.

The main goals of Finland's bio-strategy are

  1. Create a competitive environment for bioeconomy
  2. Establish new business for bioeconomy
  3. Achieve a strong know how for the bioeconomy
  4. Increase the usability and durability of biomass-based raw materials

BioFutureFactory™ strives to contribute to each of the four goals. In addition, the project has an important regional significance when more high-level research and product development are being implemented to Kainuu region.

BioFutureFactory™ has already signed intentional agreements with several organizations.

More information on the Finnish strategy for bio-economy

EUn biotalousstrategia ..
Suomen biotalousstrategia 2014 (PDF) »