Eero Koskelainen Joins KaiCell Fibers's Board of Directors

KaiCell Fibers Ltd, the company aiming to start up a major bio-products mill in Paltamo, Finland, has welcomed regional entrepreneur and investor Mr Eero Koskelainen to its Board of Directors, where he joins Chairman, Eero Suutari, MP, and members Jukka Kantola and Martin Doktar.

“KaiCell Fibers will bring great benefits to the region and the effects will extend nationally as well,” Koskelainen stated. “Utilising the fibre wood resources locally will greatly stimulate the local economy, where forest owners have been frustrated by the lack of outlets. I am therefore delighted to do every thing in my power to make the mill a reality.”

Acting KaiCell Fibers managing director Jukka Kantola emphasized that the project has been progressing entirely according as planned since its inception in 2015. “We are now gaining further momentum on several fronts, and I am extremely happy that we can count on Eero Koskelainen’s experience, wisdom and almost unparalleled financial network in Finland as we move forward from the soon to be completed Feasibility Study phase.“